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Enjoy your visit to the Pisgah National Forest. Learn about things to do here.

We started this site to provide answers to many of the common questions we receive as volunteers at the Pisgah District Ranger Station and Visitor Center. If you call or visit the Ranger Station we may be the folks who help you. We have volunteered at the Visitor Center for four years, and spent the two years before this at the Cradle of Forestry in America - also located in the beautiful Pisgah Ranger District.

The Ranger Station and Visitor Information Center can be a very busy place - we have seen as many as 1,200 visitors per day on a holiday weekend. A crowd like that makes it hard to give each visitor personal attention, so we hope that the information on these pages will help you pre-plan some of the activities of your visit, or at least help you generate a list of questions to ask.

The Pisgah National Forest has loads of activities to enjoy. People sometimes come in and ask about what there is to do in the forest. The answer is that you can picnic, camp, hike, climb, fish, swim, slide, float, hunt, bike, mountain bike, ride your horse, rent a horse, learn about forestry, find waterfalls, sightsee, or do nothing but relax.

One thing we would strongly recommend is that people do some research ahead of visiting the area. We are always amazed at people that arrive on a Friday afternoon in July with no idea where they are going to camp.

The Pisgah Ranger District has some of the prettiest country and views in western North Carolina. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs through the district from near Asheville west to Balsam Knob. The Blue Ridge Parkway is actually a sliver of land administered by the National Park Service. The Park boundries vary some, but are generally about a couple hundred feet on either side of the parkway. The National Park land has some different regulations than the forest land - check with the Park Service before hunting or camping on National Park Land.

There are some great things to experiences on the Parkway. Stop by or stay at the Pisgah Inn near Mount Pisgah, climb to the summit of Mount Pisgah, or camp at the Mount Pisgah Campground. Stop by several of the Parkway overlooks to experience the views. Climb to the top of Devils Courthouse for great views.

Download a great FREE publication about North Carolina National Forests.

Each year the Forest Service publishes a magazine highlighting the recreational opportunities available in the forests of North Carolina. This publication answers many of the questions you might have about things to do here. You can download the publication - Carolina Connections - in pdf format here. Our page with links to archived editions is here. We recomment looking at the 2011 version for the most informative edition available - the 2012 and 2013 magazines are considerably 'watered down' editions.

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